SHOLA AURORA is the former singer of New York City based visual rock band Sol Ardour which is currently on hiatus. As a songwriter and producer, Shola pursues his first venture as a solo artist creating sounds influenced by the musical genres of  visual kei , goth, metal, glam, rock, and experimental music while continuing to dwell in N.Y.C.

The creation of his new music cultivated by his own experiences of learning through other's happiness, sadness, joy and despair began to develop a story of a quite lonely observer of the world, a fallen demigod if you will, in search of purpose. Shola's dark and mysterious world is built upon the foundation of music while incorporating lyrics of thought, reflection, endless searching for answers all the while taking you the listener along his journey by touching your dormant and deep emotions resurrecting them for a purpose and end resolve.


Japanese Artists
Gackt Cumi
Luna Sea
The Gazette

American Artists
Animals as Leaders
Veil of Maya

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